CJ's Dehydrated Products has something for the entire family. Whether your looking for a snack for work, a treat for the kids or something to keep you moving on your next adventure in the outdoors, we've got what you need!

Jerk My Meat - JERKY

Flavours include:
Original, Smoked Teriyaki, Pepper-Racha, Spicy Taco Pork, Dr. Pepper, Honey Garlic, Back Draft, Snake Bite, Jalapeño, Jalapeño Dill & Apple Pie.

Rub My Meat - Rubs & Spices

Flavours include:
Gone Fishing, Spill the Dill, Taco Tuesday, Slider Mix, Dress My Spud, Roadkill Seasoning, Little Italy.

Trail Mix

Flavours Include:
Ontario, Huron, Superior, Michigan and Erie (our peanut free blend!)

Gourmet Cotton Candy

Flavours Include:
We have more flavours than you can imagine!
Keep an eye out for what we have in stock as flavours may vary.

Dried Fruits

Fruit Types Include:

Apple Slices, Exotic Mix, Plantains, Spicy Plantains & Banana Chips.

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