Feel the Heat... if you dare!

Warning: Severely hot, lasting over 5 minutes. Use with caution due to extreme spice. Do not eat if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing. Keep out of reach of children.


Are you up for the Black Death Challenge?


  1. Open package and take out the entire piece of jerky. (The package must be opened while recording the video).
  2. Place contents in your mouth and completely chew and swallow the jerky.
  3. Once completely consumed, you can start the 5 minute timer.
  4. If ay any time you consume and drink or food within the 5 minutes, the challenge is over.

Note: If you complete the Black Death Challenge and provide us with proof (ex. download a video of your performance), we will send you a free T-shirt that says "I survived Jerk My Meat's Black Death Challenge".

You can send your proof of completion to jerkymymeat4@gmail.com or add it to our Facebook page!

Please note that we may use your video for future promotional content.


Black Death is one piece of jerky encrusted with 5 of the hottest peppers known to date, coming in at 5.8 S.U and not for the faint of heart.

This will be one on the HOTTEST jerky that you will ever try! Use extreme caution and read warnings.



This Hard Candy contains the Caroline reaper, now the Hottest Pepper in the world coming at 2,000,000 SU. The heat is a little more bearable then the TEARDROP due to the apple flavouring.


Here's the list of the toughest of tough that were able to handle the "Black Death" challenge.

names coming soon!

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